New Autopilot Feature Keeps Cars in Passing Lane

A new update to Tesla’s Autopilot software enables the cars to remain in the passing lane, rather than only using the left lane when there’s a slower vehicle to pass.

Tesla included the “Exit Passing Lane” feature in its 2020.36.10 software update. The feature will be available to cars equipped with Hardware 2.5 or above and the Full Self-Driving package.

Currently, vehicles operating on Autopilot are not always efficient when trying to pass other vehicles. Since the vehicle is programmed to return to the right lane, it will not continue to pass a caravan of slower cars in the right lane as a human driver might do.

Owners using Navigate on Autopilot will now need to choose settings to automatically return to the right-hand lane, otherwise the vehicle will continue traveling in the left-hand lane. 

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